Safety Pin Cuff

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We love this stylistic homage to the safety pin.  

During the emergence of punk rock the late seventies, safety pins became associated with the genre, its followers and fashion. Some claim the look was taken originally from Richard Hell whom the British punks saw in pictures, and whose style they adopted. This is disputed by a number of artists from the first wave of British punks, most notably Johnny Rotten, who insists that safety pins were originally incorporated for more practical reasons, for example, to remedy "the arse of your pants falling out". British punk fans, after seeing the clothing worn by such punk forerunners, then incorporated safety pins into their own wardrobe as clothing decoration or as piercings, shifting the purpose of the pins from practicality to fashion. The safety pin subsequently has become an image associated with punk rock by media and pop-culture outlets.

All pieces are handmade in Los Angeles. Forged from 100% reclaimed metal.

One size fits most.  The cuffs are malleable, and can be formed to your wrist.

Available in a gold patina.

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