Redwood Needles Necklace

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Many people believe that their lives have no purpose, no meaning and what they do or say makes no difference. Many people believe that they are so small and insignificant that their existence means absolutely nothing, much like a tomato seed.
Yet, in the redwood tree seed is an example of something that is so small, it is very difficult to find it. It is almost impossible to see a redwood seed even from a human standpoint. If humans are small when seen from the top of a redwood tree, redwood seeds are microscopically invisible.

Redwood trees end up growing out of these smallest of small tree seeds to become the largest, oldest, tallest and longest lived beings on Earth. What lesson can be learned from this smallest tree seed?


  • Pictured in a gold patina.
  • Available in Sterling Silver Upon Request.
All our designs are handmade in Los Angeles, CA.  Forged using 100% reclaimed metal.


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