Black Tahitian Pearls with Silver Bird Circle & Shark Tooth

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This beautiful necklace is a cascade of Black Tahitian Pearls with Alkemie's signature Bird Circle and Shark Tooth in 100% Reclaimed Sterling Silver. The shark in a powerful creature said to have powers of bringing lost sailors home. They would guide them to the shore if lost a sea. If you need some guidance in your life this is the necklace for you! 

Tahitian Black Pearls are produced by black lipped oysters in the ocean waters around Tahiti and Okinawa.  Due to the organic nature of pearls, each is unique and one of a kind with colors varying within blue, green and violet tones.  The French Polynesian government requires a minimum of 0.8mm for the thickness of the nacre for all cultivated pearls.

All pieces are handmade in California,  forged from 100% reclaimed sterling silver.

Available in black leather.

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